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Sunday 18 June 2017
11 am - 2 pm

Anne Bahrinipour
Mark Harrington
Lon Pennock
Jan van der Laan
Horst-P. Jansen

Anne Bahrinipour - Painting

Anne Bahrinipour's works move almost to abstraction, with hints of landscapes or figures. The artist from Witten creates direct transmissions of her inner world with acrylic on canvas. Directed strongly by her intuition, she paints in series, which are connected by the choice of color. Her paintings have a strong energetic power that combines quiet, stable image areas with dynamic rhythmic ones. Anne Bahrinipour is represented in collections in Germany and abroad.

Mark Harrington - Painting

The American painter Mark Harrington works with the theme of reduction and repetition of horizontal lines and structures, creating fascinating compositions of unlimited boundaries. In his studio near Munich, he draws touchable traces with various tools across layers of pasty, still damp acrylic paints. Mark Harrington has been exhibiting in galleries and museums throughout Europe and the USA since the 1980s. His works are represented in numerous collections.

Lon Pennock - Collage

Sculptor Lon Pennock is showing this time a different direction of his art at FlowFineArt: collages. As with his sculptures, he combines simple geometric shapes and engages the blackness of his sculptures. It is clear that he is inspired by Zen philosophy. Since 1969, the artist from The Hague has been active throughout Europe at exhibitions and various art fairs, among others, Art Frankfurt. He is represented in private and public collections in the Netherlands, France, USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and Slovenia. One of his focuses is large-scale sculptures in public spaces, for example in the Netherlands and France.

Jan van der Laan - Sculpture

Jan van der Laans' starting point for his sculptures is the search for the pure form. His art is a synthesis of organic forms and geometric abstraction. He is a master of craftsmanship with the utmost inward mindfulness, which is also the focus of his sculpture seminars and his work as a coach. He works with a variety of stones, such as alabaster, opal, travertine and serpentine. Jan van der Laan has been exhibiting in the Netherlands since 2004.

Horst-P. Jansen - Photography

Horst-Peter Jansen is interested in the intense effect of his photographs. He implements the intuitive image ideas with means which precede and follow the moment of the triggering: from the production of the photographed objects, through double exposure to the targeted postprocessing. His newly created worlds raise the question of recognizability and abstraction. After his debut at FlowFineArt 2015, he will present the latest black and white and color works.

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June 18th

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