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12th November - 16th December 2007

Bettina Hachmann

'Earthcrust - Lifecrust'

The works of painter Bettina Hachmann reveal many strong layers.
The surface almost seems to be weathered, as if it has gone through
a metabolism. At some points it forms a crust that covers something
beneath - like a healed wound!

   5 October - 29 October 2008

Birgit Baumann

The painter Birgit Baumann was born in 1944 in Cammin
and died in September 2007 in Essen, where she had been
living for a long time.

1 September - 1 October 2008

Dan Hepperle

'Images of Silence'


08th June - 16th July 2008

Ulrich Brauchle

'near and far'


  13 March - 15 May 2008

Peter Royen

The Painter of Silence

Peter Royen, born 1923 in Amsterdam, is a true personality. For almost sixty years his energy, sensitivity and effort has gone into art. From the beginning, he strongly advocated 'freedom for art' and 'respect for the artist'. He has always supported and encouraged young artists from Düsseldorf, where the eighty-four year old has lived since 1946.

White is the dominating colour in Royen's work: white, often in contrast to deep black or yellow squares. He builds pictures of many-layered tiles which rise up, radiating a deep silence through the reduction of colours.

The well-known art critic, Werner Schmalenbach, about Royen: Of course he is, as you can see in each of his paintings, extraordinarily sensitive. But sensitivity is not really more than a raw material.   It is important what comes out of it. Peter Royen is making 'out of it' his silent, poetic, quietly breathing paintings - between the two poles of the strict order of the picture and the freedom of painting. He is a painter of the silence.


24th September - 9th November 2007

Christian von Grumbkow

'Vibrant Colour-Worlds'

`I don`t paint a message,
or a thought,
- I paint colours´

Christian von Grumbkow celebrates colour in its characteristic beauty and its inherent potential. He uses its suggestive power to refer to the physical realm and that which is beyond, and creates works which have both a spiritual and concrete quality. Whether on wood or canvas his works radiate a contemplative calmness.