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02 December 2012 - 03 March 2013

Anne Bahrinipour

Anne Bahrinipour's works move along the limits of abstraction, and can remind one of landscapes or figures. The artist from Witten is interested in what develops spontaneously on canvas. As she has no intention, there are no drafts and no extenuating improvements. Her works are rather internal snapshots captured on canvas or paper, the effort to freeze the movement and to stop time.


1953 born Hilchenbach / Siegen
1974- 1980 study of the liberal arts in the FHS Cologne (Prof. Karl Marx) Examination for Design object, FHS Dortmund (Prof. G. Deppe)
1985-2002 Lecturer in life drawing in adult education
1981 Lecturer in life drawing in adult education
Since 1984 painting group with cancer patients in oncology
Exhibitons (Selection)
  • Gallery at Alexanderplatz Berlin Alexanderplatz
  • Church in the Ruhr with the Jewish memorial "Immahot"
  • Gallery House Herbede Witten with the WKB annually
  • Zeche Nachtigal Witten
  • Zeche Zollverein Essen
  • Stadtwerkehaus Witten
  • EN-art
  • Artists exchange in South Africa, with exhibitions in 5 cities
  • Witten Art (150 Sparkasse J. Witten)
  • Forum for Young Art in Bonn
  • Kulturforum Hilchenbach
  • Märkisches Museum Witten with the WKB 1995, 2005, 2012
  • Wiesbaden Academy for Phsychotherapie
  • Capital of Culture 2010 "powerful places"
  • Kultursommer Rheinland / Pfalz 2010 "Border Crossing"


Anita Liebold

Anita Liebold's abstract paintings are inspired by her simultaneous passion as a musician. This way her paintings are about color tones and tone colors (timbres). With her paintings in acryl and watercolors, which are far away from being representational paintings, she wants to take the viewer into a world of rhythm and sound. She uses experimental painting techniques, but the technique is determined by the subject of the painting.


1961 Born and grew up in Cologne in 1961
1976 3 - years of training as a color - and interior designer
1979 private lessons in watercolor painting with Adelaide Kilian, Cologne
1981 diploma at the FOS for color - and interior design
1986 3 years teaching in Nude - and Portrait Drawing with Michael Berg in Bergisch Gladbach
since 1989 freelance in 4711 and the literary stage of Cologne and Bonn: decorations, costumes, staging and scenography
since 1992 are courses and workshops for watercolor painting and drawing, in Bürgertreff 1006, Bergisch Gladbach Straße 1006
since 1995 a member of the Sound Workshop / Cologne (Multicultural Improvisation Ensemble)
1996 Art Academy in Trier, free watercolor painting with Birgit Lord
since 2006 Children's Courses in Bürgertreff 1006
since 2010 acrylic workshops for adults
2010 Alanus timbered house in Alfter, free painting with Gabriele Renz
2007-2011 member of the artist group Dellbrück
2012 anniversary - 20 years of painting classes in Bürgertreff 1006

Exhibitions (Selection)
1995 "stone + stick or the wild candle burns" St. Martin, Cologne
1996 "Images of Women" - group exhibition in Bürgertreff 1006, Cologne
1997 "sounds" watercolors + Music Performance of the Klan in the "Open Worlds 97" neighborhood culture days Cologne
1998 " Das grüne Volk " Malerei + Musikperformance der Klan, Köln
1999 Watercolours + collages on "water" to practice opening, Dr. Litterscheidt Cologne
2001 "The Green People + his children" painting + Music Performance of the Klan in the Schloss Auel - Lohmar
2003 "Going Green" as part of the village festival of Schildgen
2004/5 "Going Green" as part of the village festival of Schildgen
2005 "Terra Africa" at the 1st Leverkusen Art Night in the church culture Leverkusen
2006 "Terra Africa" in the Hague Gallery "Framing of any kind" in Weidenbruch 135, Cologne
2007 "Terra Africa" in amica mea, Cologne
2008 "Dell Factory" and "Dell Green" - group exhibitions with the Dellbrücker artist group, Cologne
2009 "Dell Factory" and "Dell Green" - group exhibitions with the Dellbrücker artist group, Cologne
2010 "9th Art Exhibition" of the Civic Association Cologne-Dellbrück eV in Cologne banking
2011 "compositions in tar - Major" Sentiero d'arte 2011 Art Trail on Lake Maggiore, Italy
2012 Gallery Graf-Adolf, Cologne-Mülheim Group exhibition "Cologne view"


23 September - 25 November 2012

Gabriele Musebrink

Stations / Vita

Gabriele Musebrink was born in Essen in 1955. From 1975 till 1983 she studied arts - among other subjects – at Folkwang School in Essen-Werden and at the Comprehensive University Essen.

In 1983 she moves into a loft apartment in the south of Essen. The rooms were used as a studio before already, among others by one of her former professors, Rudolf Knubel and originally belonged to a printery. In 1996 she expands and moves into further parts of the building complex: That is the start of her present studio plus the rooms for her "Hofwerkstatt" (courtyard working shop) with the integrated artschool Musebrink. Further information under: www.hofwerkstatt.de and www.kunstschule-musebrink.de

From 1983 till 1992 after having finished her studies she first is self- employed as a graphic and visual artist, leads workshops in "free painting", arranges exhibitions for the Diocese of Essen, the Old Synagoge Essen, the Archaeological Museum Altenessen at that time and then apart from being self-employed works on a regular basis for the Ruhrlandmuseum Essen for eight years arranging exhibitions (emphasis on room-installations and graphic arts).
In 1992 she hands in her notice to be self-employed again exclusively. She stays a resident in Essen. Until 2002, however, together with her then husband she stays in Montescudaio (Italy) for longer periods. On her own she goes on walks in Norway and stays for some time. Italy as well as Norway touch deepest layers of her soul and the experiences of that time inspire her to a high materialization in her paintings.
In 1997 she sets up the "Hofwerkstatt" in the courtyard of the former printery with her own artschool - it is a cultural institution for arts, for exhibitions and far-eastern movement and concentration disciplines. About 10 teachers are working in her school. With this school a vision of hers comes true: a school that doesn´t play the schoolmaster but views a problem from different sides. She now lives together with the former architect and present Satzen teacher (school of the turn to inner life) Hans Steinke in the south of Essen.
Together with him she attended a more than four year consciousness training from 2000 – 2005 with the German-English Awvaita teacher Om C. Parkin. This training was fundamentally clearing and building up strength in her life: the eye-opener to an expanding view of the inner life. In Manuel Schoch, healer and founder of the time Therapy she in 2008 recognized the simple existence and being in good keeping in everything.
Since a few years she appears at public art events, where she demonstrates to people, how she works. She exposes herself to questions of the public concerning techniques, courage, authenticity and creativity. Her exhibition activities so far covered Germany and Europe.


Erika John – Experimental Printing Techniques & Painting


Erika John, who lives in Wendland and Mallorca is touched and involved in what is happening around her. Her art reflects her inner dialogue that revolves around both politically explosive issues, and small events that move her heart.

Her work in graphic design and painting have symbolizing themes: "brittle", "cracks", "desierto" (Spanish for desert), which point to the fragility and destruction of human kind and nature.
In the center (of her work) is the human being with its alienation from itself, the earth, the animals, and their habitat. It is about looking behind the scenes, to resolve the contradiction of beauty and decay.

In her work Erika John has dealt with experimental printing techniques, and developed a special technique of painting on coated wood panels, instead using of the usual woodcut. The results are similar to the unique monotypes that reflect the intuitive working method of Erika John. She leaves room for the material and the means to find their own way.

24 June - 28 August 2012

Dan Hepperle

1956 - Born in Cologne
1980-1985 - Studies in Art and Geography at the University of Cologne
with the conclusion first and 2 State Exam
in 1985 - a freelance painter
1992-1996 - Head of Youth Art Cologne
1999 - co-founder of Street Gallery Lindenthal
2000-2002 - lecturer in painting at the University of Cologne
in 2005 - co-founder of the Eifel studio days


Light is reflected in its purest appearance as the color white and refers to something non-Physical, Metaphysical. Dan Hepperles paintings revolve around the color white. With all its infinite range of variations it allows him to create constantly new moods and sounds, which focus on light itself. Space is a second important issue for his work and is reflected as a line that enters the picture, playing, dancing, lyrical or even slightly harsh and straight.


Solo exhibitions (selection)
1994 Versiko-Galerie, Düsseldorf
1995 DANADA, Köln
1996 Haus Nordhelle, Meinerzhagen
1997 Deutsche Bank, Köln - ART- & Mediaservice, Köln - Landschaftsverband Rheinland, Rheinische Kliniken, Langenfeld
1998 Das Kunstforum der VPV, Köln,
Galerie Frederick Willems "Art in progress", Amsterdam
1999 Junge Galerie, Dietzenbach
Kaiser-Karl-Klinik, Bonn
Galerie Ednubalk, Aachen
Kunstverein Brühl
2000 Domicil, Köln
Rheinbraun AG, Köln
Lichthof der VHS, Köln
2001 Galerie Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
2002 Galerie Tönnissen, Köln
Halle Kunstwerk, Köln
2003 Warnemünde / Galerie Möller
2003 Magdeburg / Innenministerium des Landes Sachsen-Anh.
2004 Galerie Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
2005 Galerie Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
Kunsthaus Steinbach, Krefeld
Atelierhaus Unikate, Nettersheim-Pesch
2007 Rathaus Euskirchen
2008 Galerie Forum Lindenthal, Köln
2009 Galerie Einmalich, Roettgen
2010 Galerie T, Middelburg, NL

Joint exhibitions (selection)
1996 Kreismuseum Blankenheim
1997 Musées de Verviers, Verviers (Belgien)
Das Kunstforum der VPV, Köln
1998 Kreismuseum Blankenheim
Galerie Art Vivant, La Roche sur Yon, FR
Galerie ON, Köln
Das Kunstforum der VPV, Köln
1999 Street-Gallery, Buchhandlung Kaiser, Köln-Lindenthal
2000 Galerie ednubalk, Aachen
Ausstellungsort "die Werft", Köln
Lichthof der VHS, Köln
2002 Kreismuseum Blankenheim
Galerie Tönnissen, Köln
2003 Kölnisches Stadtmuseum Zündorfer Wehrturm
Museum Seligenstadt
Kreismuseum Blankenheim
Galerie Tönnissen, Köln
2004 Halle Kunstwerk, Köln
2005 Eifeler Ateliertage Kreismuseum Blankenheim 2006 - Kunsthaus Steinbach, Krefeld
Galerie Frederick Willems, Amsterdam
Galerie Pohlkötter, Münster
2. Eifeler Ateliertage
Galerie im alten Kloster, Köln (Porz-Zündorf)
Kunstverein zu Frechen (Jahresgaben)
2007 Kulturbunker Mülheim, Köln
Atatürk-Kulturzentrum, Istanbul
2008 FWBK, Amsterdam (mit Lon Pennock)
2009 Kunsthaus Steinbach, Krefeld (mit Setsuko Fukoshima)
Eifeler Ateliertage (mit Setsuko Fukoshima)
2010 Seasons Gallery, Den Haag, NL (gemeinsam mit Lon Pennock)
Kunstverein Frechen (gemeinsam mit Lon Pennock)
2011 HLP-Galerie, Köln-Wesseling
Galerie ART-IST, Castrop-Rauxel
FWBK-Galerie, Amsterdam
2012 Kunstkabinett Hespert (mit Lon Pennock), Reichshof-Hespert
Galerie T, Middelburg
Qnstkwadrate in der Qnstvitrine, Bertha von Suttner Platz 2-4, Bonn

Huguette Helmann – Painting and Sculpture

Born in Brussels in 1939, Huguette Helmann worked since her earliest childhood with artistic expression. This she could develop during her seven-year study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.

As a professor of drawing at the Royal College of Ganshoren, she maintained contact with artistic circles, and is enrolled in the Academy of Roger Somville Boitsfort.

She attended the workshop of Daniel Van den Driessche. Over the years, numerous works have been created where her passion is expressed in the use of bright colors. Her expressive power and accuracy of the attitudes are particularly evident in the sculptures, their bulls, nudes and portraits.


Huguette Helmann's artistic journey began with the painting. She painted nudes, landscapes, flowers, in large spiritual compositions. This was followed by the sculpture. She modeled acts, then angels, then bulls, last ones inspired by her partner, who was a portugese bullfighter. She returned to painting and started with woodcuts.

"My work is constantly changing. Just like I'm on the road to change, so also becomes my creation, and also the techniques and my way of expressing myself."
Whatever her means of expression is, in her work Huguette Helmann always explores the expression of movement and light.


Education, Prices, Illustration
Education Beaux Arts de Bruxelles
- Professeur de dessin
- Académie d'Uccle
- Atelier Mandelbaum
- Académie de Boisfort
- Atelier Somville
- Atelier Vandendriesche
Prices - 1er prix de dessin, Académie de Bruxelles
- 1er prix de peinture, Académie de Boitsfort
- Prix de la commune de Boitsfort
- Grand prix Goya (Paris)
- Médaille de la ville de La Rochelle
Illustration de poèmes de Jacques Oriol
"Douze chants "
Groupe de recherches polypoétiques

Exhibitions (Selection)
1977 Exposition de groupe, Nivelles
1979 Caisse d'Epargne, Bruxelles
1980 Salle Mercator, Bruxelles
1981 Médiathèque, Bruxelles
1982 Chapelle de Neder Over Hembeeck
1983 Banque de Bilbao, Marbella
1985 Collective, Madrid
Collective Bruxelles
Club Maritime, Marbella
Galerie l'Arcade Mauve, Bruxelles
1986 Galerie le doigt Image, Bruxelles
1989 Art et rencontre, Eauza-Gers
Restaurant Arnaud, Eauza-Gers
Restaurant du Lac, Eauza-Gers
Château de Lavardens, Eauza-Gers
1990 Galerie Herouet, Paris
Galerie 54 Faubourg St Honoré, Paris
1991 Exposition de Groupe, La Rochelle
1992 Exposition de Groupe, La Rochelle
1995 Exposition collective, Office du Tourisme, Aix en Provence
1997 Caisse d'Epargne, Toulon
2001 Exposition collective
Galerie Edmundo Cruz, Colares Portugal
Galeria Matriz, Lisbonne
2003 Galerie Artonef, Aix en Provence
2009 Exposition à la Galerie Polysémie1 "autour du corps, Marseille
Vit actuellement en Provence où elle peint et sculpte Depuis 1997 expose au Jas de la Rimade, Carcès

01 April - 10 June 2012

Bettina Hachmann

Bettina Hachmann was born in 1967 in Geldern.
In 1996 she founded the art school "Malwerkstatt", and started to give art classes and workshops.
Since 1999, she has participated in many exhibitions.


In Bettina Hachmann’s work the colors white, gray and black are dominating. These colors for her are not only dark or signs of depression. They are rather a phase in the cycle of nature, where the energy is going inwards and reflection is able to happen. They are symbolizing a period without which the germination and fertilization, and the birth of new life would not be possible.

Despite the spare use of color her paintings do not appear monotonous. With energetic surface machining, color fills and blurring she creates a complexity that takes the viewer into the depths. In many of her works there is a clear reference to the landscape but more and more often these signs of landscape are reduced to the horizon area. Hachmann is interested in the question how much a landscape really needs to be recognized as such, therefore recently even the last indications are removed, with only gentle gradients remaining.


Dieter Ladewig

Dieter Ladewig was born in 1953 in Blankenburg.
His first artistic training began in 1970 as a two-year internship
in the painting studio of the theatre of the city Cottbus.
From 1974-1977 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden,
and from 1977-79 he was involved in stage painting in Cottbus.
Since then he has worked as a freelance painter.

Ausstellungen (Auswahl)
1983 Halberstadt / Galerie "St. Florian"
1984 Magdeburg / Inselgalerie
1989 Gommern / Galerie Wruck
1990 Magdeburg / Galerie Leyh
1991 Leipzig / Galerie Stöckart
1992 Magdeburg / Galerie Süd
1993 Jena / Galerie am Stadthaus
1994 Halle / Galerie am Marktschlösschen
1995 Magdeburg / Galerie Himmelreich
2001 Warnemünde / Galerie Möller
2003 Magdeburg / Innenministerium
des Landes Sachsen-Anh.
2006 Oldenburg / Galerie BBK
2008 Wismar / Galerie Kunststoff
2011 Magdeburg / Galerie Süd

1980/82/84 Colbitz / Holzbidhauersymposium
1985 Ummendorf / Bildhauersymposium
1989 Haldensleben / Keramische Werke
1991 Amo-Kulturhaus / Magdeburg / Akt
1994 Colbitz / Holzbidhauersymposium
1996 Barleben / Bildhauersymposium
1997 Heyrothsberge / Symposium " Sand/Eisen/Zement"
2003 Magdeburg / Aktsymposium


Dieter Ladewig is interested in the paradox of the figurative and the abstract, and in the balance of objects and non-objects. His paintings are created as stable as necessary and as open as possible. By looking at his pictures, both visual and sensational spaces open up.

So Ladewig dissolves the world into sensations. The artist and work of art create an indivisible unit. Ladewig searches for the right expression, and so his paintings reveal his inner and outer experiments, inspired by music he heard while painting. Ladewig is a painter of truthfulness, without any compromises in using color and form.


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