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12 November - 16 December 2007

'A Glimpse of Femininity'

Andrea Zmrzlak  

by Andrea Zmrzlak

Central to the photographic work of Andrea Zmrzlak is the search
for images depicting femininity.
She seeks to make visible the variety and the beauty of women,
their longing and their inner depth.

24 September - 9 November 2007


Spiritual Photo-Art

by Rayel

Rayel's compositions are visualized moments captured in photography. He brings the knowledge and techniques he learned in his life as a graphic-designer to this work- the result is an expression of his unique experiences on the way to Truth. His digital `Soul-Landscapes┬┤ resonate deeply with the observer.

2 July - 12 September 2007

P A I N T E D  N U D E S

by John David

Digital transformed Nude Photography
- colored and playful -
by John David

7 May - 2 July 2007

P O R T R A I T S   O F   P R E S E N C E

by Devesh Komaromi

A collection of twelve photographs capturing a moment of presence in each face, and a series of composite portraits and torsos exposing the male and female side in us all.These portraits are a fascinating way to explore the balance of the feminine and masculine: by duplicating the left and right aspects of the body, these qualities can be fully exposed. The technique itself, which Devesh has experimented with since 1971, is fairly simple, while requiring a fine degree of precision in its execution.

Devesh is a Hungarian born Canadian photographer living in Essen. His photographic work has been mostly in the commercial domain, encompassing corporate, advertising, and film production. His work has been purchased by the National Film Board of Canada and private collectors.

Devesh is available for private portrait sessions and commercial work.
To see more of Devesh's work click here

Devesh Portrait: Consti Devesh Portrait: man Devesh Portrait: Laura
Devesh Portrait: Shanti left Devesh Portrait: Shanti original Devesh Portrait: Shanti right
She (2 left sides) Me He (2 right sides)

7 May - 2 July 2007

A U T H E N T I C   C H I L D

by Devi

"Children teach us about living in the moment, because they live in the natural flow of life."

I was inspired by the natural and open expression in their faces. The fascination triggered by looking into the transparent eyes of children is a reminder for us, to remember how we actually are - like a little hand leading us back into the Oasis of the Heart.

Devi has a formation as a graphic designer and has been working for DPNY Communications and D7 communicatio Binilassem (Mallorca) as a designer and for Palma Advertisement as an Art director. She was from 2001-2003 owner and Art director of studio del mar.