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02 December 2012 - 03 March 2013

Michael Utz

Michael Utz has developed his photographs from silence, because for him, creativity arises from the quality of silence. The main theme of the artist from Heidelberg is to find the abstraction in the concrete. Abstract patterns and structures encounter the photographer in various materials such as wood, steel and water. He often works at sea, which is in its surface structure both the object for his abstract works, as also the silence of his work.


1949 Born in Karlsruhe
With the camera of the father he created the first photos.
1975 completion of the course at the university of Heidelberg - German, English and Education. Teacher until 1985
1989 - 1991 Training as radio director
1991 - 1993 training at the camera, training in studio and darkroom technique
since 1995 working as a radio producer and as a freelance photo designer
Contract work for German and French publishers
Overall design of the art calendar for the customers of the WORLD EDELSTAHLWERKE GmbH in 2008 and 2009
2009 Participation in the BMW Art Advent Calendar
2010 Shooting at BMW in Munich ART SKIN RHIN Alsace, st-art Strasbourg
Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.
since 2010 Zusammenarbeit mit dem Maler Christian von Grumbkow.
collaboration with the painter Christian von Grumbkow Michael Utz lives and works mainly in Heidelberg.

Exhibitions (Selection)
2008 Exhibition "Images of Steel" at the headquarters of the WORLD EDELSTAHLWERKE GmbH in Witten
2010 Participation in the "st-art" type Strasbourg
2011 Cultural Summer Hinterzarten 29th April to 29 May
2012 Cultural Summer Hinterzarten 10th May to 10 June
2012 "INSIGHTS" exhibition at the gallery 'metal and form' Heidelberg
2012 Exhibition with Stefanie Wollenhaupt (sculpture) and Christian von Grumbkow (paintings) in the 'Kempinski Resort Bahia Estepona'


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