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12 November 07 - 28 February 08

'Earthcrust - Lifecrust'


Bettina Hachmann

The works of painter Bettina Hachmann reveal many strong layers.
The surface almost seems to be weathered, as if it has gone through
a metabolism. At some points it forms a crust that covers something
beneath - like a healed wound!


Robert Firgau

12 November 07 - 17 February 08

'The Magic of Light and Stone'


Robert Firgau

The simple language of form - full of the possibility to experience and intensify -
is the character of these sculptures, the work of the artist Robert Firgau.
"His works convince us by their simplicity- they are full of depth, seriousness
and at the same time they have a hint of humour."


Andrea Zmrzlak

12 November - 30 November 07

'A Glimpse of Femininity'


Andrea Zmrzlak

Central to the photographic work of Andrea Zmrzlak is the search
for images depicting femininity. She seeks to make visible the variety
and the beauty of women, their longing and their inner depth.


24 September - 9 November 2007

'Vibrant Colour-Worlds'


Christian von Grumbkow

`I don`t paint a message,
or a thought,
- I paint colours´

Christian von Grumbkow celebrates colour in its characteristic beauty and its inherent potential. He uses its suggestive power to refer to the physical realm and that which is beyond, and creates works which have both a spiritual and concrete quality. Whether on wood or canvas his works radiate a contemplative calmness.

`From Silence to Dance´

"True Art
comes from deep

Constantin Brancusi

The works of Jennifer Donner & Cornelia Martin Garcia create an exciting tension between static and dynamic. The abundant feminine archetype which Cornelia Martin Garcia creates in stone radiate a maternal calmness and composure. In contrast, Jennifer Donner allows the figures in her drawings to move and expand fluidly-thus becoming very present.


Spiritual Photo-Art

Rayel's compositions are visualized moments captured in photography. He brings the knowledge and techniques he learned in his life as a graphic-designer to this work- the result is an expression of his unique experiences on the way to Truth. His digital `Soul-Landscapes´ resonate deeply with the observer.

The opening on 24th September was wonderful! It was accompanied by a vegetarian buffet and concert with pianist Wolfgang Langner and Tansen Held (trumpet). We look forward to seeing you. The current exhibition runs until the 9th of November and the Gallery is open daily from 2pm - 5pm (Sundays by arrangement only). Please call us before your visit: +49 2173 4099999

2 July - 12 September 07

Finnische Künstlerin Eeva Hauss

'Instant Experience'

is an exhibition of extraordinary lithography and screen prints from Finnish artist Eeva Hauss. Her paintings seem distant and floating. Eeva Hauss explores the tension between Nothing and Infinity.

Bilder von Eeva Hauss

Eeva Hauss and Sameen Jacobi offer a Workshop on 8th September 07.
Painting, dance and guided meditations offer you the opportunity to discover your creative space with playfullness.
For info & registration please call: +49 2173 4099999

'Inner Silence'

Inner Silence is the central theme of Marika Bäumler's creations. The human figures while being figurative in style express that in an non-realistic way. They tend to attract the viewer into that feeling and create a still-point in the environment where they are shown.

'Painted Nudes'

Digital transformed Nude Photography - colored and playful - by John David

V e r n i s s a g e

Monday 2 July 07, 5pm

For the opening party there is a vegetarian buffet
and at 7pm a concert with Sabine van Baaren
- Voice to Heart - voice and piano.


We're looking forward to see you at the opening on Monday 2nd July
or during the period of the exhibition open Tues-Fri 2pm - 5pm
(sundays by appointment) until 12th September.

Please call us before your visit: +49 2173 4099999

V e r n i s s a g e   "A r t  o f  B e i n g"

Monday, 7th May, 5pm

The Art of Being is an extraordinary display of photography and scultpure, with following artists:

Devesh Komaromi "Show me who you are"

- Portraits of Presence -

Devesh Portrait: Shanti left  Devesh Portrait: Shanti original  Devesh Portrait: Shanti right

A Hungarian born Canadian photographer,
Devesh offers a collection of twelve portraits and a fascinating series of portraits and torsos
exploring the masculine and feminine in us all.
He will be there and available for an interview. Devesh is available for private portrait sessions and commercial work.

More Info

Devi "The Authentic Child"

- Children's Faces -

A discovery of the natural and authentic expression of children.
More Info

Cornelia Martin Garcia "The Female Torso"

- Sculpture and Jewellery -

Cornelia sculpture: white torso Cornelia sculpture:torso Cornelia sculpture angel Cornelia sculpture cruble legs
Cornelia sculpture: flowing cornelia sculpture swan

Cornelia explores the female form through a series of sensitive stone sculptures.
The artist sees her role as finding out a new language that comes from and expands from inside.
More Info - Sculpture
More Info - Jewellery

The opening will be enriched by Harp music from Arjuna Raphaël Mélik and a tasty vegetarian buffet.

The gallery is a part of the Open Sky House, a community of creative people living and working together.
The exhibition is open daily from 2pm to 5pm until the 15th June 2007.

Events in the Flow Fine Art Gallery


Jennifer Grasshoff
Gallery manager
  John David

Every last Sunday of the month
the Flow Fine Art Gallery in Hitdorf on the Rhine
is offering a Matinee from 11am to 2pm.
Have a glas of champagne, some tasty snacks
and listen to extraordinary live-music.

For further appointments please contact the gallery:

+49 (0)2173-40 99 999