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9 November 2008 - 28 February 2009

Myriam Sardis - Painting
Marika Bäumler - Ceramic Sculpture
Rayel - Photo-Art

Myriam Sardis (Paris) - 'Empreintes - Imprints'


"For a very long time Myriam Sardis was obsessed by a desire to paint. For 30 years, volumes, balance and colour are her catchwords. Now she finally authorises herself to express and control her emotions on the canvas. Famous masters whom the artist calls her guardian angels guide her in this pictorial search. From the paintings of Soulages and Tapies she draws the courage for her own pictorial intimacy. Her work with the ellipse, signs and contrasts is based on slight modifications in time and matter. Slowly, alchemically, an identity develops.

Details of degraded walls, patina and rust, milky surfaces alternating with seas of lava; Myriam Sardis seems to want to seize or to reinvent sections of the universe between the grace of mineral radiance on the one hand and a sudden alteration of time on the other hand, reflecting the balance between her strength and her fragility."
Adapted from Pascal Even, Rupell Art

Myriam Sardis says about her work:

My pictorial search is the balance in composition and graphic, my approach is to transfer sensation with layers of mineral color. I work with marble powder, pigments, oil, lime/plaster on canvas and sometimes on wood. As an autodidact I have my guide, where I refer to, in Anoni Tàpies, De Stael, Debré...

Selection of her Exhibitions:
2005Arts Atlantic, La Rochelle
2006Salon Art Event, Antwerpen
2007Galerie Arc de Triomphe, Saintes
2008Grand Marché d'art Comtemporain, Paris Bastille
Salon d'Automne Grand Palais, Paris
Art Shopping Carousel du Louvres, Paris

Marika Bäumler (Belgium) - 'Silent Beings'


Marika Bäumler uses the oldest art material - clay. She presents her terracotta and raku sculptures. Their poetic soul expresses in an irrealistic but figurative style a feeling of internal transformation through silence.

"Art comes out of the superconscious, not as a result of the mind. The intuitive aspect dominates the creation and the artist, as a medium/mediator, makes his individual talent, feeling and technique available for the inspiration. When the undefined gets a final form the spectator can take part of it on condition that he has learned to melt together with the art form."

More Info

Rayel (Belgium) - 'Signs from Nature'


Rayel uses the natural world to create strong symbolic visuals (manipulated or not) that makes you look different at that world of stillness and metaphors. The tools he creates with are digital - camera, computer and brushes. He brings the knowledge and techniques he learned in his life as a graphic-designer to this work - and the results are framed archival quality prints in different formats. Rayel, as a graphic designer, had his own studio for communication design.


- Birgit Baumann -

5 October - 29 October 2008

The painter Birgit Baumann was born in 1944 in Cammin and died in September 2007 in Essen,
where she had been living for a long time.

Dan Hepperle

1 September - 1 October 08

'Images of Silence'

Works on paper

Dan Hepperle


- Ulrich Brauchle - Klaus Schröder -

8th June to 16th July 2008

'near and far'

Ulrich Brauchle


'Tafelobjekte/New Artwork in Wood'

8th June to 16th July 2008


Klaus Schröder

13th March to 16th May 2008

Peter Royen


The Painter of Silence

Peter Royen, born 1923 in Amsterdam, is a true personality. For almost sixty years his energy, sensitivity and effort has gone into art. From the beginning, he strongly advocated 'freedom for art' and 'respect for the artist'. He has always supported and encouraged young artists from Düsseldorf, where the eighty-four year old has lived since 1946.

White is the dominating colour in Royen's work: white, often in contrast to deep black or yellow squares. He builds pictures of many-layered tiles which rise up, radiating a deep silence through the reduction of colours.

The well-known art critic, Werner Schmalenbach, about Royen: Of course he is, as you can see in each of his paintings, extraordinarily sensitive. But sensitivity is not really more than a raw material.   It is important what comes out of it. Peter Royen is making 'out of it' his silent, poetic, quietly breathing paintings - between the two poles of the strict order of the picture and the freedom of painting. He is a painter of the silence.


13th March to 16th May 2008

Chaos, Colour and Light'


John David

John David was born in Wales and grew up in England where he studied engineering and architecture. His life has lead him to live in Japan, India, USA, Australia and finally Germany, where he is now.

He is a lover of India and spent many years living there. Besides photography, painting is a reflection of his inner Self. His creativity has its source in the spontaneity and innocence of the moment.

The clash of the old catholic ex-portuguese colonial culture and the emerging modern cosmopolitan Hindi culture with a dash of global village and the remnants of the sixties hippy trail combine to give Goa, a small state on the seashore of Western India, a vibrant, colourful, chaotic atmosphere. The vastness of the sky and the power of the sun's rays drive the economy.

These photographs capture the vibrancy, colour and exotic nature of the culture and the power of the natural light, which diffuses through the chaotic junglescape and paints vast panoramic skyscapes.

12 November 07 - 28 February 08

'Earthcrust - Lifecrust'


Bettina Hachmann

The works of painter Bettina Hachmann reveal many strong layers.
The surface almost seems to be weathered, as if it has gone through
a metabolism. At some points it forms a crust that covers something
beneath - like a healed wound!


12 November 07 - 17 February 08

'The Magic of Light and Stone'


Robert Firgau
Robert Firgau

The simple language of form - full of the possibility to experience and intensify -
is the character of these sculptures, the work of the artist Robert Firgau.
"His works convince us by their simplicity- they are full of depth, seriousness
and at the same time they have a hint of humour."


Events in the Flow Fine Art Gallery


Jennifer Grasshoff
Gallery manager
  John David

Every last Sunday of the month
the Flow Fine Art Gallery in Hitdorf on the Rhine
is offering a Matinee from 11am to 2pm.
Have a glas of champagne, some tasty snacks
and listen to extraordinary live-music.

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