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4 Oktober - 18 November 2009

Bettina Hachmann - Painting
Cornelia Martin-Garcia - Sculpture

Bettina Hachmann

Bettina Hachmann - Painting

Cornelia Martin-Garcia

Cornelia Martin-Garcia - Sculpture

12 July - 3 September 2009

Christian von Grumbkow - Painting
Stefanie Wollenhaupt - Sculpture

Christian von Grumbkow: Painting

"I paint no message, no idea, but I paint color ....!"

Christian von Grumbkow is a virtuoso of the paint. That is what the painter from Wuppertal in the last twenty-five years repeatedly demonstrated anew. Grumbkow plays, whether on canvas or wood, with all the possibilities of the medium of color, the transparent glaze until pasty relief, soft curves to living structures last. In this exhibition sets Grumbkow of its focus on the color blue. The use of related colors, diffused halftones and nuances, to avoid loud contrasts, allowing an almost meditative image viewing. At the same time, the eye is invited to scan the color and on a journey of discovery to go to the box-like and emotional associations permits.

Further information: www.grumbkow-colors.de



Stefanie Wollenhaupt - Sculpture

Stefanie Wollenhaupt beschäftigt sich skulptural mit Beziehungen zwischen zwei Formen. Dabei geht es der in Gummersbach lebenden Künstlerin nicht um den materiell gefüllten Raum, den zwei Plastiken einnehmen, sondern um den vom Betrachter selbst zu füllenden Zwischenraum.
Grundlage für Wollenhaupts Plastiken sind oft Anregungen aus der Natur. Während ihrer Bildhauerausbildung betrieb sie ausführliche Studien nach Knochen, da diese in schier unglaublicher Weise plastische Spannung, geronnene Bewegung und eine an die Aufgabe gebundene Ausformung haben.

Der Stein inspiriert die gebürtige Saarländerin zu einer gewissen Grundidee, die genaue Ausformung ergibt sich durch Erfassen der Skulptur - und zwar im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes: Sie ertastet die Flächen und bekommt eine Antwort.

Stefanie Wollenhaupt arbeitet grundsätzlich fast nicht mit Maschinen, damit jede Skulptur Zeit hat, in ihr zu wachsen. Der Einsatz von Maschinen ist für sie eine Entfremdung mit dem Material und ist vom Prozess her ergebnisorientiert. Für sie kommt der Schaffensprozess in sich selbst zur Ruhe, wenn Raum und Umraum zu Ausgeglichenheit miteinander finden.

Eine Schaffensreihe der 1961 geborenen sind Engelqualitäten, mit der sie sich immer wieder beschäftigt. Inspiriert wurde diese durch die Worte von Anselm Grün in seinem Buch '50 Engel für das Jahr'. Auch hier wird der Raum vom 'Ich' und 'Du' zur zentralen Frage- Raum und Umraum - Raum und Zwischenraum.

Stefanie Wollenhaupt arbeitet seit 12 Jahren sowohl als Werk- und Kunstlehrerin als auch in der Schulleitung an der FWS. Ich empfinde es als eine Stütze, im plastischen Bereich damit beschäftigt zu sein, was hier im Sozialen meine Aufgabe ist. So bereichern sich die beiden Bereiche gegenseitig, wenn der Job mir die Zeit lässt, mich künstlerisch zu betätigen.

Sie ist Mutter von vier Kindern. Ihr jüngster Sohn lebt noch bei ihr.

Stefanie Wollenhaupt sculpturally deals with relations between the two forms. It is the artist living in Gummersbach not the material-filled room, taking the two sculptures, but by the viewers themselves to fill gap.
Basis for Wollenhaupt sculptures are often inspiration from nature. During their training it operated sculptor detailed studies for bones, as these are almost unbelievable way plastic tension, movement and a coagulated to form the task are linked.

The stone inspired the native "Saarländerin" to a certain basic idea of the exact form is obtained by entering the sculpture - and in the truest sense of the word: They felt the land and get an answer.

Stefanie Wollenhaupt almost always works with machines, so that each sculpture has, in its growth. The use of machines is for them an alienation with the material and process of her results-oriented. For them, the creative process in itself to rest, if space and the space around to find balance with each other.

A series of creations born in 1961 are angels qualities with which it has repeatedly employed. This was inspired by the words of Anselm, in his book Green Angel'50 for the year '. Also here is the space of 'I' and 'you' to the central question-and space and the space around - Space and interspace.

Stefanie Wollenhaupt has been working for 12 years both as a factory and as an art teacher in the school at the FWS. I see it as a mainstay in the field of plastic in order to be employed, which is here in my social responsibility. To enrich the two other areas where the job allows me the time, my artistic activities.

She is mother of four children. Her youngest son still lives with her.


10 May - 5 July 2009

Dan Hepperle - Painting
Sandra Silbernagel - Sculpture
Devesh Komaromi - Photoart

Dan Hepperle - Painting Malerei

Born in Cologne Hepperle Dan loves the silence, it stands in the center of his art. How many musicians in their compositions the silence audible, Hepperle makes it visible in his photos. And while we have the eyes to rest in his pictures, even the silence is audible. In his pictures are no specific motives to see, nothing figurative, and the structures are very withdrawn ... In short: at a glance, these images are not to be recorded. Nothing but a white, in which, the longer one that looks more and more tiny details are visible.
... Infinite shades of white, to be exact, each at a touch different, so it only through the subtle difference to another at all is visible, gray glimmer of tenderness ... The quiet mystery of inconspicuous is a time to become a charming picture.
Excerpt from an essay by Jürgen Kisters

Dan Hepperle lives and works in the Eifel.

More Information: www.dan-hepperle.de


Sandra Silbernagel - Sculpture

Sandra Nagel Silver explores the possibilities of stone material and goes its own subjective way. They handled the stones so that they are still their original form as possible. The artist brings the material is not in the studio, she goes out into nature, into the silence of a remote quarry in France. She has no where artists exchange, no change, she is there alone. Who it works, it is huge and the nature, the ancient testimony of past geological eras round, endure. The artworks convey, despite their small format, much of the archaic power of nature.

More Information: www.sandrasilbernagel.de


Devesh Komaromi - Photoart

Devesh Komáromi is a Canadian photographer with Hungarian roots who now lives in Essen. Graduated at Ryerson University in Toronto in photo-art Devesh has 20 years as an independent photographer working in Montreal. Since the beginning of this century, he deals exclusively with digital methods, principally as a photographic artist, occasionally also as a commercial photographer. The beauty of photography is for the photographer in a delicious mix of tangible and intangible, the technical and intuitive, and especially the never-ending pleasure in learning and exploring. In our digital age there are more than ever before, many tools to produce images that reflect our imagination. Fantastic pictures which lead into unknown worlds.

More Information: Devesh Komaromi

15 March - 26 April 2009

Susanne Stähli - Painting and Drawing
Harald Kahl - Sculpture

Susanne Stähli - Painting and Drawing

"The main theme in Susanne Stählis' work is colour. For many years, and with great intensity, she has dedicated herself to the value of different means of expression and the very subtle possibilities of experiences of colours. In the last years this has lead to a gradual reduction of elements such as lines and forms in her painting.

The only formal orientation of the smaller artworks especially is the rather strict vertical and horizontal layering of colour. At the same time, large format paintings are created which offer the possibility to 'stand in the colour'. Here, colour becomes almost a physically felt elementary experience...

...In her drawings, tender and uneven line elements determine the picture, yet they appear to be loosely and unintentionally created. The more recent drawings are more about clear and straight settings of lines. Both come unintentionally from the drawing hand.

Her paintings and drawings have transparency and ambiguity in common and therefore the fascination of seeing and experiencing in one picture."

Dr. Martin Gesing in the foreword of the catalogue "Schichtungen" (Layers) 2007

Further information: www.susannestaehli.de


Harald Kahl - Sculpture


9 November 2008 - 28 February 2009

Myriam Sardis - Painting
Marika Bäumler - Ceramic Sculpture
Rayel - Photo-Art

Myriam Sardis (Paris) - 'Empreintes - Imprints'


"For a very long time Myriam Sardis was obsessed by a desire to paint. For 30 years, volumes, balance and colour are her catchwords. Now she finally authorises herself to express and control her emotions on the canvas. Famous masters whom the artist calls her guardian angels guide her in this pictorial search. From the paintings of Soulages and Tapies she draws the courage for her own pictorial intimacy. Her work with the ellipse, signs and contrasts is based on slight modifications in time and matter. Slowly, alchemically, an identity develops.

Details of degraded walls, patina and rust, milky surfaces alternating with seas of lava; Myriam Sardis seems to want to seize or to reinvent sections of the universe between the grace of mineral radiance on the one hand and a sudden alteration of time on the other hand, reflecting the balance between her strength and her fragility."
Adapted from Pascal Even, Rupell Art

Myriam Sardis says about her work:

My pictorial search is the balance in composition and graphic, my approach is to transfer sensation with layers of mineral color. I work with marble powder, pigments, oil, lime/plaster on canvas and sometimes on wood. As an autodidact I have my guide, where I refer to, in Anoni Tàpies, De Stael, Debré...

Auswahl ihrer Ausstellungen:
2005Arts Atlantic, La Rochelle
2006Salon Art Event, Antwerpen
2007Galerie Arc de Triomphe, Saintes
2008Grand Marché d'art Comtemporain, Paris Bastille
Salon d'Automne Grand Palais, Paris
Art Shopping Carousel du Louvres, Paris

Marika Bäumler (Belgium) - 'Silent Beings'


Marika Bäumler uses the oldest art material - clay. She presents her terracotta and raku sculptures. Their poetic soul expresses in an irrealistic but figurative style a feeling of internal transformation through silence.

"Art comes out of the superconscious, not as a result of the mind. The intuitive aspect dominates the creation and the artist, as a medium/mediator, makes his individual talent, feeling and technique available for the inspiration. When the undefined gets a final form the spectator can take part of it on condition that he has learned to melt together with the art form."

More Info

More images from Marika

Rayel (Belgium) - 'Signs from Nature'


Rayel uses the natural world to create strong symbolic visuals (manipulated or not) that makes you look different at that world of stillness and metaphors. The tools he creates with are digital - camera, computer and brushes. He brings the knowledge and techniques he learned in his life as a graphic-designer to this work - and the results are framed archival quality prints in different formats. Rayel, as a graphic designer, had his own studio for communication design.


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