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Exhibition from 10 October to 07 December 2013

Christian von Grumbkow
Michael Utz
Jana Peschigo
Michael Franck

Christian von Grumbkow - Painting

Michael Utz - Photography

Jana Peschigo - Sculpture


Michael Franck


Exhibition from 07 July to 29 September 2013

Myriam Sardis
Bernd Bähner
Nicole Schlegel
Werner Schlegel
Sandra Silbernagel

Myriam Sardis - Painting

Myriam Sardis is a poetic painter from Paris, whose work is supported by a presence that carries the teachings of the time in it.
The color spaces that are created in layers of marble dust, pigments, oil and lime recall details of dilapidated walls, and rust patina, milky surfaces or seas of lava. Her works have a sensitive centeredness and are a reflection of the balance between strength and fragility.

More Information: Miriam Sardis

Bernd Bähner - Painting

Bernd Bähner's images can evoke a sense of wholeness in the viewer from their inherent silence and distance. Both in his city scenes as well as in his photographs he takes the extraordinary and beautiful things in everyday life. The pure, bright colors are a characteristic that stems from his long-standing love of Bali, and make the city views with their stylized forms surprising and fresh images.


Nicole Schlegel - Painting

Nicole Schlegel creates metaphorical, symbolic and associative spheres. The loosely formulated signs on a picturesque background evokes a feeling of narrative.
The lightness of the images arise from the balance between drawing composition and sensual choice color. By the painter subtly painting the light, she gives her pictures a floating effect and reveals the invisible to the human world.

Werner Schlegel - Sculpture

Werner Schlegel's sculptures open up the room by a serial arrangement of varying elements. It's central material is wood, in which the traces of the sculptural process are a living part of the surface.
A recurring element is the vertical, abstracted from the shape of trees, the standing human figure, the architectural element of the column. The minimum of form and the closeness to nature makes his work the center of contemplation.

Sandra Silbernagel - Sculpture

Sandra Silbernagel unfolds an increased effect in her stone sculptures, the inner and outer interact together. The idea for the sculpture is revealed to her in the rock she finds.
With reduced, minimalist interventions she explores the characteristic of the material.
The works play with pairs of opposites: they are dull and glossy, static and dynamic, rough and smooth.

Exhibition from 10 March to 30 June 2013

Permanent Gallery Artists

In 2012 Flow Fine Art has selected the cream of the artists, which it has exhibited over the last six years, to form its Selected Gallery Artists. These Artists, Painters, Sculptors and Photographers will be offered regular exhibitions and over a time their artwork will be included in our Permanent Exhibition Gallery, which is part of the Flow Fine Art Gallery.

This exhibition will be an introduction to the permanent gallery artists.

 A L L M U T H   L E N Z   -   Photographer

 A N N E    B A H R I N I P O U R   -   Painter

 B E T T I N A    H A C H M A N N   -   Painter

 C H R I S T I A N    V O N    G R U M B K O W   -   Painter

 C H R I S T O P H    J A K O B   -   Sculptor

 D A N    H E P P E R L E   -   Painter

 D E V E S H    K O M A R O M I   -   Photographer

 G A B R I E L E    M U S E B R I N K   -   Painter

 J O H N    D A V I D   -   Painter

 K L A U S    S C H R O E D E R   -   Sculptor

 N U S H I N    M O R I D   -   Sculptor

 P E T E R    R O Y E N   -   Painter

 S T E F A N I E    W O L L E N H A U P T   -   Sculptor

02 December 2012 - 24 February 2013

Anne Bahrinipour - Painting

Anne Bahrinipour's works move along the limits of abstraction, and can remind one of landscapes or figures. The artist from Witten is interested in what develops spontaneously on canvas. As she has no intention, there are no drafts and no extenuating improvements. Her works are rather internal snapshots captured on canvas or paper, the effort to freeze the movement and to stop time.


1953 born Hilchenbach / Siegen
1974- 1980 study of the liberal arts in the FHS Cologne (Prof. Karl Marx) Examination for Design object, FHS Dortmund (Prof. G. Deppe)
1985-2002 Lecturer in life drawing in adult education
1981 Lecturer in life drawing in adult education
Since 1984 painting group with cancer patients in oncology
Exhibitons (Selection)
  • Gallery at Alexanderplatz Berlin Alexanderplatz
  • Church in the Ruhr with the Jewish memorial "Immahot"
  • Gallery House Herbede Witten with the WKB annually
  • Zeche Nachtigal Witten
  • Zeche Zollverein Essen
  • Stadtwerkehaus Witten
  • EN-art
  • Artists exchange in South Africa, with exhibitions in 5 cities
  • Witten Art (150 Sparkasse J. Witten)
  • Forum for Young Art in Bonn
  • Kulturforum Hilchenbach
  • Märkisches Museum Witten with the WKB 1995, 2005, 2012
  • Wiesbaden Academy for Phsychotherapie
  • Capital of Culture 2010 "powerful places"
  • Kultursommer Rheinland / Pfalz 2010 "Border Crossing"


Anita Liebold - Painting

Anita Liebold's abstract paintings are inspired by her simultaneous passion as a musician. This way her paintings are about color tones and tone colors (timbres). With her paintings in acryl and watercolors, which are far away from being representational paintings, she wants to take the viewer into a world of rhythm and sound. She uses experimental painting techniques, but the technique is determined by the subject of the painting.


1961 Born and grew up in Cologne in 1961
1976 3 - years of training as a color - and interior designer
1979 private lessons in watercolor painting with Adelaide Kilian, Cologne
1981 diploma at the FOS for color - and interior design
1986 3 years teaching in Nude - and Portrait Drawing with Michael Berg in Bergisch Gladbach
since 1989 freelance in 4711 and the literary stage of Cologne and Bonn: decorations, costumes, staging and scenography
since 1992 are courses and workshops for watercolor painting and drawing, in Bürgertreff 1006, Bergisch Gladbach Straße 1006
since 1995 a member of the Sound Workshop / Cologne (Multicultural Improvisation Ensemble)
1996 Art Academy in Trier, free watercolor painting with Birgit Lord
since 2006 Children's Courses in Bürgertreff 1006
since 2010 acrylic workshops for adults
2010 Alanus timbered house in Alfter, free painting with Gabriele Renz
2007-2011 member of the artist group Dellbrück
2012 anniversary - 20 years of painting classes in Bürgertreff 1006

Exhibitions (Selection)
1995 "stone + stick or the wild candle burns" St. Martin, Cologne
1996 "Images of Women" - group exhibition in Bürgertreff 1006, Cologne
1997 "sounds" watercolors + Music Performance of the Klan in the "Open Worlds 97" neighborhood culture days Cologne
1998 " Das grüne Volk " Malerei + Musikperformance der Klan, Köln
1999 Watercolours + collages on "water" to practice opening, Dr. Litterscheidt Cologne
2001 "The Green People + his children" painting + Music Performance of the Klan in the Schloss Auel - Lohmar
2003 "Going Green" as part of the village festival of Schildgen
2004/5 "Going Green" as part of the village festival of Schildgen
2005 "Terra Africa" at the 1st Leverkusen Art Night in the church culture Leverkusen
2006 "Terra Africa" in the Hague Gallery "Framing of any kind" in Weidenbruch 135, Cologne
2007 "Terra Africa" in amica mea, Cologne
2008 "Dell Factory" and "Dell Green" - group exhibitions with the Dellbrücker artist group, Cologne
2009 "Dell Factory" and "Dell Green" - group exhibitions with the Dellbrücker artist group, Cologne
2010 "9th Art Exhibition" of the Civic Association Cologne-Dellbrück eV in Cologne banking
2011 "compositions in tar - Major" Sentiero d'arte 2011 Art Trail on Lake Maggiore, Italy
2012 Gallery Graf-Adolf, Cologne-Mülheim Group exhibition "Cologne view"


Guus Jooss - Sculpture

The Dutch sculptor Guus Jooss worked for over 20 years with Italian marble. The forms of his works relate to music and dance, showing movement, rhythm, and harmony line. As an artist he has a mission to let the matter come to life with an idea. Guus Jooss is fascinated by the play of shapes. Each work is the result of an investigation that runs through the entire creative process and is only completed when all shapes form a plastic unit.


1976-1985 study of history, art history and archeology at the Utrecht University. Doctorate in 1985
1982 & 1983 participation in excavations in Rome
1985-1990 worked at the Historical Museum Rotterdam
1987-1988 evening classes at the Art Academy in Utrecht. Contact with stone processing
since 1988 in the area around Carrara / Italy. Learns stone working in collaboration with various foreign sculptors
1992-1996 worked at Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem
1993-1997 training by working with a German art therapists
1993 - 2001 Care of sculpting at the International Summer Academy Campo dell 'Altissimo in the Apuan Alps (north-west Tuscany).
Since 1997 freelance artist and lecturer. Sculpture and drawing classes in and around Utrecht. Sculpture courses in Italy, Greece and France
Since 1991 participation in international sculpture symposium in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Germany
1993-1997 freelance artist and lecturer. Sculpture and drawing classes in and around Utrecht. Sculpture courses in Italy, Greece and France
1993 - 2001 Care of sculpting at the International Summer Academy Campo dell 'Altissimo in the Apuan Alps (north-west Tuscany).
1993 - 2002 Care of the publicity in the Netherlands for this organization.
since 1994 until now countless solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad
since 1997 Providing courses and sculpture portrait drawing course at various centers in and around Utrecht, organization and management of care in the intensive week courses in Utrecht and France.

Exhibitions (Selection)
1994 - 2000 Participation in the annual group exhibition at the artists' Voglio Vedere "Piano di Mommio, Italy.
Mai 1996 Participation in the group exhibition 'Outside View' with sculptures in stone and bronze at Galerie Westbroek.
1998 Participation sculptors symposium in Piano di Mommio, Italy
2001 Solo exhibition in the Town of Leersum with sculptures in stone and bronze, silkscreen on canvas, collages and painted and drawn portraits.
2002 Participation in the KAR, art fair in the Van Nelle building, Rotterdam, at the stand of Galerie Uilenburg, Wood.
2003 Solo exhibition at the law firm Pike Young and Partners, Utrecht, collages and sculptures in stone and bronze.
2003 Exhibition in the gallery of Lambros Diamantopoulos, Pyrgos, Tinos, Greece.
2004 Solo exhibition of sculptures and collages at the Art Library in the Public Library of the City of Woerden.
2004 Winner Audience Award at the art market in the town of Ede.
2005 Participation in international sculpture symposium and exhibition in gallery "Seidlstrasse 4", Murnau, FRG.
2006 Exhibition of sculpture and collages by cultural association "The Kijkdoos" in House Erica, Bennekom.
2006 Exhibition of sculpture and collages by cultural association "The Kijkdoos" in House Erica, Bennekom.
2007 Atelier Exhibition, Utrecht.
2008 September: Participation with collages group exhibition organized by Foundation "The Observatory" in the Kooremans Gate, Kampen.
2009 November: Participation with sculpture and collages group exhibition of Foundation "The Art Happen" in Ede
2010 November: Exhibition of sculpture by architects office Jinx, Amersfoort
2011 November: Participation in group exhibition at Gallery Spectrum, Euskirchen, FRG


Michael Utz - Photography

Michael Utz has developed his photographs from silence, because for him, creativity arises from the quality of silence. The main theme of the artist from Heidelberg is to find the abstraction in the concrete. Abstract patterns and structures encounter the photographer in various materials such as wood, steel and water. He often works at sea, which is in its surface structure both the object for his abstract works, as also the silence of his work.


1949 Born in Karlsruhe
With the camera of the father he created the first photos.
1975 completion of the course at the university of Heidelberg - German, English and Education. Teacher until 1985
1989 - 1991 Training as radio director
1991 - 1993 training at the camera, training in studio and darkroom technique
since 1995 working as a radio producer and as a freelance photo designer
Contract work for German and French publishers
Overall design of the art calendar for the customers of the WORLD EDELSTAHLWERKE GmbH in 2008 and 2009
2009 Participation in the BMW Art Advent Calendar
2010 Shooting at BMW in Munich ART SKIN RHIN Alsace, st-art Strasbourg
Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.
since 2010 Zusammenarbeit mit dem Maler Christian von Grumbkow.
collaboration with the painter Christian von Grumbkow Michael Utz lives and works mainly in Heidelberg.

Exhibitions (Selection)
2008 Exhibition "Images of Steel" at the headquarters of the WORLD EDELSTAHLWERKE GmbH in Witten
2010 Participation in the "st-art" type Strasbourg
2011 Cultural Summer Hinterzarten 29th April to 29 May
2012 Cultural Summer Hinterzarten 10th May to 10 June
2012 "INSIGHTS" exhibition at the gallery 'metal and form' Heidelberg
2012 Exhibition with Stefanie Wollenhaupt (sculpture) and Christian von Grumbkow (paintings) in the 'Kempinski Resort Bahia Estepona'


Events in the Flow Fine Art Gallery


Jennifer Grasshoff
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  John David

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the Flow Fine Art Gallery in Hitdorf on the Rhine
is offering a Matinee from 11am to 2pm.
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