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12th Nov. - 16th Dec. 2007

Sculpture by Robert Firgau

'The Magic of Light and Stone'

Robert Firgau

"For me sculpture is a discovery process
that expresses itself on the concrete level in clear abstract forms.
Wenn resonances happen and the intimacy of the process unfolds,
the sculpture is filled with Silence, Balance, Tension and Movement."

The simple language of form - full of the possibility to experience and intensify - is the character of these sculptures, the work of the artist Robert Firgau. "His works convince us by their simplicity- they are full of depth, seriousness and at the same time they have a hint of humour."

24th Sept. - 9th Nov. 2007

Sculpture by Cornelia Martin Garcia

`From Silence to Dance´

"True Art
comes from deep

Constantin Brancusi

The works of Jennifer Donner & Cornelia Martin Garcia create an exciting tension between static and dynamic. The abundant feminine archetype which Cornelia Martin Garcia creates in stone radiate a maternal calmness and composure. In contrast, Jennifer Donner allows the figures in her drawings to move and expand fluidly-thus becoming very present.

The artist sees her role as finding out a new language that comes from and expands from inside.
She has studied design and has been working since 2003 as a freelance artist and as a teacher for plastic arts in the Von der Heydt Museum and in her atelier SteinART in Wuppertal.

Previous Exhibition 7th May - 2nd July 2007

The Female Torso

Cornelia explores the female form through a series of sensitive stone sculptures.
Cornelia sculpture:torso  
Cornelia sculpture cruble legsCornelia sculpture: flowing

2nd July - 12th September 2007

Sculpture by Marika Bäumler

Poetic Irrealistic Creations

Marika Bäumler (Belgium) presents her terracotta and raku sculptures. Their poetic soul expresses in an irrealistic but figurative style a feeling of internal transformation through silence.

"Art comes out of the superconscious, not as a result of the mind. The intuitive aspect dominates the creation and the artist, as a medium/mediator, makes his individual talent, feeling and technique available for the inspiration. When the undefined gets a final form the spectator can take part of it on condition that he has learned to melt together with the art form."
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unicorn silent prince
all is one unicorn red wire silent prince
all is one red wire

Nov. 2006 - 7th May 2007

Sculpture by Meera Stenfert Kroese

Meera is a talented and inspired sculptor from Amsterdam. It's a great pleasure for us to have her creations in our gallery. Soon more Information here.
dancing girl

girl sitting guy