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Exhibition from 25th October 2015 to 28th February 2016

Gabriele Hagenhoff – Sculpture

The ceramic artist Gabriele Hagenhoff, who studied Ceramic Design in Krefeld, lives and works in Osnabrück. Her figurative sculptures are characterized by their authentic expression, with their abstract faces the focus entirely goes onto the movement of the body - the timeless figures dance the dance of life.

Their gestures have an expressive power of reaching out and going deep within, which makes them a mirror of the soul and a visualization of the inner sensation.

The interweaving of the rugged surface with the vitality of movement creates the constant play between injury and healing, between melancholy and joy of life. In this way the viewer becomes aware of how he can grow from the challenges of life.


Solo exhebitions (selections)
2014 Ceramic of Europe, Westerwaldmuseum, Höhr-Grenzhausen
2013 Cheongju International Art and Craft Biennale, Korea
  International Ceramic Biennale, Aveiro, Portugal
2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 City Gallery Hannover
  Gallery for present art, Bonstetten, Schweiz
2010 Biennale de la Sculpture, Mamer, Luxemburg
2009 Gallery am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
2008 Gallery Kunst am Markt, Hamburg
2007 Gallery Artbalance , Hamburg
2006 Gallery Barthels, Mönchengladbach
  Art Innsbruck, Gallery Artenvielfalt München, Österreich
2005 Chiesa del Torresino, Cittadella (Veneto), Italien
2004 Biennale de la Sculpture, Chateau de Mamer, Luxemburg
2003 Leonie Gallery, Viborg, Dänemark
2001 Gallery Creso, Bologna, Italien
  Chengju International Craft Biennale, Korea
2000 Transfiguration, Berlin
  Artgallery, Lugano, Schweiz
  International Ceramic Biennale, Kairo, Ägypten
1989 German parlament, Bonn
1986 Kulturgeschichtliches Museum, Osnabrück
  Keramiker, Stadtmuseum, Oldenburg
1985 award for ceramic Frechener Kulturstiftung, Keramion Frechen
  Concorso Internationale della Ceramica, Perugia, Italien
1984 Richard-Bampi-Preis, Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe
1982 German ceramic, Westerwaldmuseum, Höhr-Grenzhausen


Exhibition from 12th July to 11th October 2015

Martin Hensel - Primordial Sculptures

With chainsaw and fire, it is loud and powerful in Martin Hensel's "open-air-studio" in front of his garage entrance. Martin Hensel purposefully looks for contact with passers-by and residents of his district because he wants to trigger a resonance with his art.
On the one hand, he actively looks for material for his works, and on the other hand it can be that he finds his material as he is walking by the Rhine and collects what the "river of life" washes into his hands. The themes that move him equally as a coach, and as a sculptor, are being sane as well as being wounded, growth and change.
For Martin Hensel the sculptural process is an opportunity to become aware of issues and transform them. Therefore his artistic work signifies a confrontation with himself - things that are split off become visible and perceptible and can become part of the whole again.
In addition to a personal introspection it is always about environment (the people around), and the knowledge that we are involved in, and responsible for, a greater whole.


Born in 1955, grew up in Hengsen - a village next to Unna, which had 300 inhabitants at that time.
Since 1992 freelance Coach and Training Coach, NLP Trainer for Communication and conflict resolution training in his own insitute in Neuss.
Since 1985 Aikido and development of the concept 'Aikido and conflict resolution'

2015 Arbeitsplatz Kunst, Kulturamt der Stadt Neuss
2014 Arbeitsplatz Kunst, Kulturamt der Stadt Neuss
  Reformierte Kirchengemeinde Nuenen, NL
  Projekt Abendmahl (Passionszeit)
  Ballhaus im Nordpark, Düsseldorf, mit Angela Harmeier, Malerei
  Galerie Judith DieLämmer, Grevenbroich (E)
2013 Kulturforum Alte Post / Städtische Galerie Neuss, GA
  Arbeitsplatz Kunst, Kulturamt der Stadt Neuss
  Ev. Kirchengemeinde Holzwickede-Opherdicke
Projekt Abendmahl
  Querbeet4children, Benefizveranstaltung
  Hospiz Regenbogenland, Düsseldorf
2012 Arbeitsplatz Kunst, Kulturamt der Stadt Neuss
2011 Kulturforum Alte Post / Städtische Galerie Neuss 64. Jahresausstellung (G)
  Galerie 55, Neuss, 'arche-typisch', (E)

More Information: www.martin-heinrich-hensel.de

Exhibition from 22nd March to 21st June 2015

Johannes Dröge - Sculpture

Johannes Dröge has an intuitive, deep connection to nature and to his material, stone. In the 60 years of his activity he has already trimmed and polished stones sculptures from all over the world. His respect for the environment and the timelessness of his material is evident in all his sculptures at first glance.

Trained in a sculptor's workshop, study visits to Carrara, including the studio of Luigi Corsanini.
Since 1966 freelance, with over 500 exhibitions in Germany and abroad.
Artist Focus: stone sculpture (granite, marble, diabase).
1981 awarded the State Prize, "Stone", from North Rhine-Westphalia


Events in the FlowFineArt Gallery


Jennifer Grasshoff
Gallery manager
  John David

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