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M A T S  B E R G Q U I S T

FlowFineArt Curator John David talks to Mats Bergquist

Mats Bergquist, born in Stockholm, grew up in Russia and Poland, where he came in contact with the tradition of icon painting as a child. Later as an artist, he was interested in how it is made and the effect it has. His abstract, monochrome works are created using the same technique: on a base of wood, many layers of white paint are applied and sanded. His works have a power that makes one pause and contemplate. Bergquist worked and lived with monks, and his creative process is equal to a meditative exercise. In the 80s he studied in Stockholm and Paris, where he still has numerous exhibitions. He also exhibited in Germany, Denmark and Italy, where he currently lives. He has several projects in public spaces, such as in the St. Peter Art Station in Cologne.

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1960 born in Stockholm

Art studies:
1978-79 Etienne Decroux, Paris
1979-81 Gerlesborgsskolan, Stockholm
1981-82 Atlier 17, S. W. Hayter, Paris
1986-87 History of Art, Stockholm University

Public Installations
1995 Arrhenius laboratory, Stockholm University
2009 Sweden House, Brussels
2011 Bocconi University, Milan

Single exhibitions:
2000 Weinberger Gallery, Copenhagen
2003 Boffi Showroom, Milano
2005 Dalarnas Museum, Falun
2006 Nordiska Galleriet, Stockholm
2006 Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm
2007 Gallerie de Suede, Paris
2008 Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm
2008 Weinberger Gallery, Kopenhagen
2009 Konstruktiv Tendens, Stockholm
2009 Galleria Johan S, Helsinki
2010 Weinberger Gallery, Copenhagen
2010 Grossetti arte contemporanea, Milano
2011 Via Lattea, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Cologne
2012 Galerie Nanna Preuners, Hamburg