P e r m a n e n t   E x h i b i t i o n

M Y R I A M    S A R D I S

"My pictorial search is the balance in composition and graphic,
my approach is to transfer sensation with layers of mineral color.
I work with marble powder, pigments, oil, lime/plaster on canvas and sometimes on wood.
As an autodidact I have my guide, where I refer to, in Anoni Tàpies, De Stael, Debré..."

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"For a very long time Myriam Sardis was obsessed by a desire to paint. For 30 years, volumes, balance and colour are her catchwords. Now she finally authorises herself to express and control her emotions on the canvas. Famous masters whom the artist calls her guardian angels guide her in this pictorial search. From the paintings of Soulages and Tapies she draws the courage for her own pictorial intimacy. Her work with the ellipse, signs and contrasts is based on slight modifications in time and matter. Slowly, alchemically, an identity develops.

Details of degraded walls, patina and rust, milky surfaces alternating with seas of lava; Myriam Sardis seems to want to seize or to reinvent sections of the universe between the grace of mineral radiance on the one hand and a sudden alteration of time on the other hand, reflecting the balance between her strength and her fragility."
Adapted from Pascal Even, Rupell Art

Exhibtions ( Selection):
2005Arts Atlantic, La Rochelle
2006Salon Art Event, Antwerpen
2007Galerie Arc de Triomphe, Saintes
2008Grand Marché d'art Comtemporain, Paris Bastille
Salon d'Automne Grand Palais, Paris
Art Shopping Carousel du Louvres, Paris
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